The Homelabs Energy Star Dehumidifier is 32% off at Amazon


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The humidity begins to seep in again, filled with warm, thick air that not even air conditioning or cooling bed sheets can disturb. But instead of letting your house become Great damp, hook up a dehumidifier to rid your space of excess humidity and make it more comfortable.

At this moment, the Homelabs Energy Star Dehumidifier is under $200 at Amazon. The highest rated device is the bestseller in its category, and for good reason: the dehumidifier is incredibly powerful, capable of removing up to 22 pints of moisture from the air per day, according to the brand. It’s designed to work in medium to large rooms (including basements) up to 1,500 square feet and features wheels and built-in handles, making it easy to move from room to room.

Simply choose from several settings, including turbo, comfort and continuous, then let the unit run for a 24-hour cycle or until the tank is full (at which point the dehumidifier will automatically turn off) . Once the tank is full, simply remove it and discard the water. Plus, since the device has a quiet fan, it won’t disturb you while you’re at home.

Buy it! Homelabs Energy Star dehumidifier, $169.97 (original $249.99);

This dehumidifier has earned over 32,000 perfect marks from buyers, who say in reviews that it “gets the job done fast” and solves their humidity issues on the “first day” of use. One user even shared“For the first spring in 18 years, my 120-year-old house doesn’t smell musty when it rains.”

Another reviewer explained that they live in the South, where humidity reigns. This dehumidifier “helped get rid of the dampness and smell that dampness brings…the air is cleaner and smells cleaner!” they wrote.


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