The Instant Pot Dutch Oven is already an Amazon bestseller


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The Instant Pot brand took inspiration from a new trend in home cooking and created a five-in-one Precision Dutch Oven. The versatile countertop gadget includes a removable Dutch oven and stovetop base that offers some of Instant Pot’s most popular features, like slow cooking and searing.

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Those interested in preparing these rates at home can do it all with this versatile tool. The fully removable cast iron pot and lid, available in three colors, can be used on your stovetop or in the oven (up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit). You can also use it for searing, sautéing, simmering, braising and reheating food when you place it in the cooker base.

The multicooker has already earned a place on Amazon Best Sellers Lists. It has received a few hundred ratings and reviews on the site since its debut, and the majority are positive. Owners say cast iron gives meals even more flavor than typical pressure or slow cooker. And they love its built-in timer, which cuts down on the typical “standby” time some dishes require. They gave it high marks for its ease of use, easy-to-clean design, and overall value, calling it a “good investment” and “wonderful for the forgetful cook.”

Each Precision Dutch Oven Comes with a collection of recipes, silicone handle covers and a protective cushion, allowing you to use it immediately. Take inspiration from the reviews and make a big batch of French Onion Soup, Pot Roast, Fruit Cobbler, Chili or Beef Bourguignon. And if you’re always in the mood for baking bread, this will definitely come in handy too.

Buy it! Instant Pot Precision Dutch Oven, $229.95;


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