The Lefant M210 robot vacuum cleaner is 47% off at Amazon


No matter how many tricks you learn to scrub the tub or transform the floors, it still feels like a pain to clean. It’s a necessity you simply can’t avoid, but there’s a way to make it easier for you: invest in a robot vacuum designed to do the job for you.

Right now, the Lefant M210 robot vacuum cleaner is 47% off at Amazon, which puts its final price under $100. The robot vacuum is backed by both a powerful motor and powerful suction that are capable of picking up all the pet hair, dirt and debris littering the home.

Users can choose from four cleaning modes: auto cleaning, spot cleaning, edge cleaning, and zigzag cleaning. Plus, the tiny device measures just under 3 inches tall, so it can easily slide under furniture that would otherwise be difficult to move.

Thanks to a set of anti-collision and infrared sensors, the robot vacuum won’t get stuck in corners or accidentally fall down stairs. And you can operate it whenever you want, even if you’re not at home, because you can simply set schedules and control it directly from the app on your smartphone. The robot vacuum will run for up to 100 minutes before automatically returning to its charging station.


Buy it! Lefant M210 robot vacuum, $88.99 (origin $169);

More than 3,800 Amazon shoppers have given this robot vacuum a five-star rating, with many noting in reviews that they’re “amazed” at its power. Others call it “dynamite” and write that they “use it twice a day”.

One user said: ‘I hooked up my new cleaner and he vacuumed it all up,’ while another shared: ‘I’ve been running almost every night and the amount of hair he picks up is honestly disgusting. ”

Another five-star reviewer explained that they have four cats, so they “twice a week” vacuum the whole house. They wrote that “it works great on everything” and added: “I was amazed at how much hair and dust it kicked up, especially under things I couldn’t get to – like my bed or my dresser.”

Head over to Amazon to get the Lefant M210 robot vacuum while it’s 47% off.

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