The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1’s Mickey Haller Sr. Is a Big Book Changer


Mickey Haller Sr.’s portrayal in The Lincoln Lawyer is a major departure from the book, where he is largely absent due to his untimely death.

The presence of Mickey Haller’s father in Lincoln’s lawyer is a major departure from the books the series is based on. Mickey Haller, Sr. appears in a flashback in Lincoln’s lawyer episode 6. Principal Haller was a famous lawyer and was the hero and inspiration of Lincoln’s eponymous lawyer.

In flashback, Haller watches his father win a case that makes a lasting impression on him as a young boy. However, this flashback never takes place in the book. In fact, due to a key detail, it would be impossible and a major change was needed to be able to show it.

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Lincoln’s lawyer season 1 is based on The Brass VerdictMichael Connelly’s second book Lincoln’s lawyer series. In the books, Mickey Haller, Sr. died much earlier, when Mickey Haller Jr. was just five years old. At that age, Mickey wouldn’t have been old enough to have seen his father practice law and have the conversations that are shown. Due to his father’s death when Mickey was still young, he gets to know his father and learns about his craft by reading about him. This change impacts Lincoln’s lawyer Netflix adaptation in several ways. First, it makes it easier to incorporate David “Legal” Siegel, a character from a later book, who provides Lincoln’s lawyer Elliott Gould cameo. It also helps remove a major plot line from the book linking Mickey to his half-brother, Harry Bosch (whose appearances in Michael Connelley’s books have been adapted for the Amazon series Bosch and The Bosch heritage).

Lincoln's attorney Elliott Gould

The character of Legal Siegel is a significant addition to Lincoln’s lawyer and change books. Siegel was Haller, Sr.’s legal partner, and the flashback establishes him as a bond between father and son, serving to extend the bond between them beyond Haller Sr.’s death. Siegel is a figure of mentor to Mickey, and although he only appeared in one episode of Lincoln’s lawyer season 1, he is a prominent figure in several of the later books, allowing for the possibility of him appearing in other seasons.

Another implication of Lincoln’s lawyerThe change regarding the death of Mickey’s father is the plot with Harry Bosch. In the books, Mickey never knew Bosch was his half-brother because he didn’t get to know his father. Since the Netflix series depicts an older Mickey at the time of his father’s death, it’s more likely that he knows his half-brother. However, Bosch will not appear in Lincoln’s lawyeras Amazon owns the rights to the character and Detective Bosch is replaced by freelance Detective Griggs in the series. Lincoln’s lawyer the father changes smoothly thanks to the omission of the Bosch family subplot and leaves room for further development of other storylines.

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