The Lord of the Rings meets The Sopranos in this brilliant print


HBO Max and Amazon Prime are in the middle of a bake-off. Both networks decided to release book-based sword and sorcery shows at the same time. Certainly, Prime the Lord of the Rings series titled power rings just wrapped, and HBO Dragon House the series is now just one episode away, but comparisons between the two properties persist.

Although Prime has a few prominent entries in the prestige television format (such as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Flea bagand Sneaky Pete), HBO has been creating great drama for a while and has a head start in terms of experience. If nothing else, HBO’s possession of The Sopranos- the only show to reign on prestige television will always allow them to be ahead of any competition.

However, while loyalty is synonymous with gangster code, it seems that Tony and the Satriale clique – which is just glorified crew, if you ask me – have sided with Amazon Prime. the Lord of the Rings thanks to the brilliant print linked above. Check out Instagram impressionist Benjimanzz performing a hilarious mock argument between Tony and Christopher deciding how they should treat Sauron and his ring.


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