The Moolan Steam Mop and Vacuum Cleaner are 32% off at Amazon


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Over the years, it’s entirely possible that you’ve accumulated a lot of vacuum cleaners and other cleaning supplies. After all, there are so many types – and tons that target very specific parts of the home. But if your closet or garage is getting increasingly full, it might be time to invest in appliances that serve more than one purpose.

Consider Amazon’s Moolan Steam Mop and Vacuum, which, as the name suggests, functions as both a vacuum and a steam mop. The device allows you to spray and vacuum at the same time, which makes cleaning the floor easier. Use it on almost any surface, including hardwood floors, carpet, tile and marble to pick up pet hair and dirt and remove tough stains.

For the steam mop part, simply fill the reservoir with 450 milliliters of water and wait 15 seconds for it to heat up. With the vacuum’s cyclone technology and HEPA filtration system, it can filter out 99.99% of dust and other allergens, making it easier to breathe indoors. Plus, the cleaning pads are washable, so you can keep reusing them.

Buy it! Moolan Steam Mop and Vacuum, $149.99 with coupon (original $219.99);

Amazon shoppers love the vacuum and steam mop combo, and many note that it takes cleaning “to another level.” One reviewer wrote, “The vacuum cleaner has strong suction power and the steam mop cleans hardwood floors effectively,” while another said, “I no longer have to have multiple different cleaning machines .”

One reviewer explained that he bought this unit to deep clean his hardwood floors, noting that he normally used a Swiffer Wet Jet, but didn’t get good results. “I couldn’t believe the difference between using this and the Wet Jet,” they said, adding, “The floor was visibly shiny…and the floor looked almost new.”


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