The New Pacifist Seraphim, Explained


A play 1059 revealed a lot of intriguing information as the Navy was seen launching an all-out offensive against Amazon Lily and the Kuja Pirates. The purpose of the attack was to capture the former sea warlord, Boa Hancock and his pirate crew. Fans saw the navy attack Amazon Lily and head for the heart of the island. Although their attempt to capture Hancock failed, many interesting exhibits were presented in the chapter.

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The navy had several powerful captains and vice-admirals ready to attack Hancock, but the greatest force they carried with them was a new weapon called Seraphim. These new weapons played an incredibly important role in the chapter and more importantly were teased by Oda in the chapter as they have a major role to play in the future.


What are Seraphim?

The Seraphim are new Pacifistas that the World Government has been working on for quite some time. Work on the Seraph began before the two-year time-skip of A play with Bartholomew Kuma, one of the former Warlords of the Sea. Using Kuma’s body, Vegapunk was able to create cyborgs that were much stronger than Franky and could use Kizaru’s laser ability. Interestingly, the Pacifistas were called a work in progress at the time, meaning they hadn’t been fully developed yet. As the Shichibukai system was finally abolished in the Reverie, the World Government decided to trust their new weapon, the SSG or Special Scientific Group, which seems to have developed the Seraphim.

As expected, Seraphim are incredibly powerful weapons that the Navy uses to replace the Shichibukai. For the balance of power to be maintained, they must be strong enough to replace the old warlords, which means their strength is certainly immense. In A play 1059, fans got a glimpse of their powers and they certainly seemed capable. Much like the Pacifista, the Seraphim appear to be human weapons, meaning actual humans are used in their creation.

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How Seraphim Are Made

It’s unclear exactly how the Seraphim are made, however, what fans do know is that Vegapunk is the man behind them, along with the SSG. Vegapunk’s mind is known to be 500 years ahead of the rest of humanity, which means he can do things others just can’t and his genius is truly needed to create. these monsters. The basis of the Seraphim seems to be gigantification, something the World Government has been working on for decades. As Caesar mentioned during the Punk Hazard arc, gigantification can really be achieved if experimented on children. This is exactly why Seraphim are kind of gigantic children. These gigantic children resemble the ancient Warlords of the Sea. It is unknown how the World Government got their hands on the DNA of the Official Warlords, however, they seem to have incorporated them into Seraph bodies to give them similar appearances and abilities.

This was seen in A play 1059 which debuted with two powerful Seraphs in Mihawk and Boa Hancock. The two looked exactly like the younger versions of themselves, but possessed fierce fighting abilities. At the same time, the World Government also appears to have access to the Lunar DNA they likely received from King, who was once their prisoner and was freed by Kaido. By using the lunar powers, the seraphim are made incredibly powerful. They have the striking features of Lunarians, such as white hair, brown skin, black wings, and a flame on their backs. As such, they also have the Lunarian Tribe’s incredibly tough defense, as well as all of their other abilities.

How strong are seraphim?

Obviously, Seraphim are incredibly powerful. The World Government had them replace the Seven Warlords of the Sea, which means their strength should be relative. Kaido seems to think the government has even bigger goals than before, which means the Seraph might just be stronger than the old Warlords in some ways. Fans saw two of them in action in A play 1059 and both were formidable in combat. Mihawk’s Seraphim was seen clashing against Blackbeard and he made quite an impression, forcing the Yonko to use Haki to defend themselves. What was even scarier was Mihawk’s Seraphim slicing through the giant Amazon Lily hill effortlessly.

Meanwhile, Boa Hancock’s Seraph have used the abilities Kizaru possesses and caused large-scale destruction on the island. Thanks to moon abilities, these seraphim are incredibly resilient and take no damage when the flame on their backs burns. When the flame on their back goes out, their speed increases dramatically at the expense of their incredibly high defense. The Seraphim might also have other abilities that fans haven’t seen yet. Most likely, the focus will be on them in the upcoming wars in the A play shows and fans will be able to see the full extent of their powers. For now, they seem more than capable of holding their own against even powerful pirates such as Blackbeard.

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