The original novel takes readers to a new mystical fantasy world


The author known as The Raven’s Doctor has released his first fantasy novel “Creation of the Inevitable”. Part of what will become a multi-book series, the story is set in a world of magic, where people are unhindered by the limitations of their mortal bodies.

“Creation of the Inevitable” follows protagonist Malcom Doxon, who spends his days bedridden by illness. Malcom’s multiple ailments leave him struggling to see a bright future, as his days are riddled with doctor visits, broken bones and other physical ailments. But everything changes for him after he wakes up in a totally different world. He finds himself not only healthy, but able to wield magic.

Malcom’s transition to a new world breathes new life into him, and his magical abilities allow him to do things he never dreamed of. In this enchanting story, the author gives readers the chance to enter a whole new world.

“The book is an ‘isekai’ story,” the author explained. “It’s a Japanese term for a story where the protagonist gets trapped in another world. It’s a story for people who love dark fantasy.

With the release of “Creation of the Inevitable”, The Raven’s Doctor hopes to create an impression on readers that will last for years.

“Creation of the Inevitable: Volume 1”

By The Raven Doctor

ISBN: 9781663233899 (softcover); 9781663233905 (electronic)

Available on iUniverse, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

The Raven’s Doctor strives to make a lasting impression through her writing, because writing is a major joy in her life. He hopes to build a community of dark fantasy fans who will enjoy his books for years to come. He plans to continue the “Creation of the Inevitable” series in additional volumes. For more information, please visit


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