The second Amazon Prime Day sale will start on October 11 and 12 for early holiday shoppers


Amazon confirmed that he would hold another Prime Day sale this year. For the first time, the e-commerce giant will go on a two-day shopping spree after the first event last July.

The company has announced that the next holiday sale will take place from October 11-12. There are still two weeks to go until you save money on high value items from this store.

Amazon Prime Day Sale: Fall Edition

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For the first time in history, Amazon will hold its second Prime Day sale this year.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Amazon wants to improve its sales next month by launching another round of Prime Day Sale which will take place on October 11 and 12.

For people looking to shop as early as October for a holiday, this opportunity is a great time to shop for goods and gifts as Christmas approaches.

For consumers looking for a huge discount on select items, the two-day event will help them save money. However, due to high inflation in the country, some shoppers tend to change their spending habits during Prime Day. This was evident at the trade event two months ago.

According to’s survey, more than a third of shoppers expressed a desire to shop from October or earlier.

In July, the Seattle-based company managed to sell over 300 million products in just two days. This is more important than the products sold on the previous Prime Day.

Amazon Prime Day Early Access Sale

Before entering one of the biggest sales events in the world, Amazon will ask you to become a Prime member.

Of course, you will receive many benefits for this membership, including exclusive offers, deep discounts, and more. Since 2015, the event has been open to Prime members who reside in 15 countries.

It should be noted that Amazon is feeling the brunt of the economic imbalance. The company is expected to spend $400 billion this year, which is slower than the entire industry, according to Insider Intelligence.

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Can we expect two Prime Day sales per year?

It is surprising to know that this is the first time that Amazon has organized a second Prime Day. While the business is just getting started, we never know if it will happen again in 2023.

According BNC News, Digital Commerce 360 ​​director Jessica Young said the move was “still a million dollar question.” Most likely, if the sales performance for October is good, we could potentially see another round of Prime Day next year.

Vipin Porwal, a consumer savings expert and founder of Smarty, noted that consumers have been active in shopping during Black Friday deals. If Amazon could maintain the same momentum, it could rival other major sales events for the holiday season.

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