The Surprising Connections Between ‘Family Guy’ and ‘Gilmore Girls’


Gilmore Girls was an incredibly popular family-centric comedy-drama that ran from 2000 to 2007. It’s full of heartfelt mother-daughter moments and heartfelt explorations of love and relationships of all types. family guy is an incredibly irreverent, long-running anime series that aired since 1999 and is known for its gross nature, absurd elements, and tendency to push boundaries.

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On the surface, these two series have very little in common, but fans of either might be surprised to hear about the connection between them.

Daniel Palladino Is the Thread That Connects ‘Gilmore Girls’ to ‘Family Guy’

One thing the shows have in common is that the names of their creators have become forever linked to these representative works. Gilmore Girls is intrinsically linked to its creator Amy Sherman-Palladino.

While Sherman-Palladino had several other projects in her creative career, exploring multiple generations of mother-daughter dynamics and their quick banter became her foundational work.

Likewise, Seth MacFarlane – a writer and producer who worked on Ted, American dad!and Johnny Bravo among other projects – has become publicly linked to his work on family guy.

The surprising link between Gilmore Girls and family guy, however, is in a man who worked alongside these two creators. Daniel Palladino – Sherman-Palladino’s husband – played a significant producer role on both shows.

Seth MacFarlane found himself in an episode of ‘Gilmore Girls’

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Speaking to WIRED in a video interview where he answers the web’s most searched questions about him, MacFarlane reflected on his brief appearance on Gilmore Girls. Clearly the minor role didn’t leave a big impression as he wasn’t entirely sure of the details.

“I think I was a graduate student,” he recalls. “I was literally shooting Lorelai Gilmore. And then I think my sister and I sang a rendition of ‘Michael Row Your Boat Ashore.’ I think that was the extent of my Gilmore Girls tenure.” According to IMDb, MacFarlane was in the episodes “Lorelai’s Graduation Day” and as a voice actor in “I Solemnly Swear” and “Die, Jerk.”

He calls snagging that small role “a bit of nepotism” due to his friendship with Sherman-Palladino and Palladino. He further explained that he and Palladino became friends while working together on family guy. MacFarlane joked that when Palladino “went off to do Gilmore Girlshe took me with him, I guess.

Daniel Palladino has remained busy on other projects

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Although MacFarlane has undertaken other projects in recent years, he continues to devote much of his time and energy to family guywhere he not only writes and produces, but he also plays protagonist Peter Griffin.

Palladino, however, jumped on other projects — mostly other collaborations with his wife Sherman-Palladino. The duo teamed up Bunheadsthe Gilmore Girls Netflix’s limited relaunch, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Bunheads was a much-loved series among its fans, but it failed to gain popularity and was ultimately short-lived. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, however, proved to be a more enduring success. The series has won multiple Emmys and shined as a true winner as an Amazon Prime Original.

Fans have already started to deal with the fact that the series is set to end with its upcoming fifth and final season, as reported by Glamor. Once that’s over, Palladino and Sherman-Palladino will likely be looking for their next project. While some hope it will be yet another Gilmore Girls revival, only time will tell what the duo have up their sleeves.

Who knows? Maybe MacFarlane will even make another appearance one day!

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