The Toloco massage gun is 76% off at Amazon


As someone who hits the gym at least twice a week, I’ve come to accept pain as a fact of life. A fortnightly massage used to take care of any major knots or tightness I was feeling. However, the rising prices convinced me to skip the spa appointment in favor of at-home treatments – and the most effective tool was a massage gun.

Percussion therapy “is similar to manual therapy or foam rolling,” physical therapist Grayson Wickham previously explained to Form. In addition to speeding up recovery through increased circulation, the pulses delivered by the massagers also “send inputs to your body and brain that help your muscles lengthen (i.e. relax ), which allows you to access a greater range of motion,” he adds. Unfortunately, eleven out of twelve months a year, buying an effective massage gun can take a toll on your budget. Luckily, there are hundreds of these recovery tools on sale on Amazon ahead of Black Friday, like the Toloco Massage Gun which is currently 73% off.

With nearly 25,000 perfect ratings on Amazon, this device has earned its best-selling title thanks to its pain-relieving power, as one person put it. Twenty speed levels allow users to control the intensity of the impact gun’s pulses. Plus, fifteen removable heads allow you to customize the massager to suit the shape of different body parts, including the neck, back, arms, and legs.


Buy it: Toloco massage gun, $70 (was $260),

Best of all, shoppers who deal with the pain on a daily basis are convinced it’s worth it: “It’s so worth it,” wrote one reviewer, who uses the device to soothe their constantly aching feet and backs. prone to injury. “I promise [it’s] one of the best things i have ever bought. I can’t afford weekly massages so this helps me A LOT,” they added. Another user called the massage gun “life changing” and noted that it “took six years of chronic pain away” from his hip. A third fan of the device wrote that it gave “instant pain relief” to their legs and was “really easy to use”.

Even with the big savings events of the year on the horizon, such a large discount is a rare occurrence. Buy the best-selling Toloco massage gun for $70 ASAP.


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