The Urpower dog car hammock is for sale on Amazon


If there’s one thing almost every dog ​​parent can agree on, it’s the hassle of car trips. Even if your dog is a pro on the road, there’s still the challenge of keeping them safe and contained, not to mention preserving the life of your car seats.

Luckily, there’s an awesome solution to this problem, and you can get it for sale on Amazon. The Urpower Dog Car Hammock is a life hack you’ll wish you had much sooner, and it’s been reduced to just $35 once you apply an additional coupon before checkout.

It’s no wonder this handy product is the best-selling dog seat cover on Amazon: the hammock is essentially a waterproof cover designed to fit comfortably over your entire back seat, creating a space where your dog can stretch during a car ride. In addition, because it completely covers the back seat and blocks access to the front seats, this hammock gives them more space and security.


Buy it! Urpower Dog Car Hammock, $34.96 with coupon (Origin $44.96);

Designed with panels to cover the seats on either side, the hammock protects your car seats and doors from damage (those muddy paws and scratchy fingernails can do a lot of car upholstery!), making cleanup a breeze after the trip. Integrated straps hook around your headrests and can be adjusted for the perfect fit. A small pocket on one side is the perfect place to store your dog’s leash or water during the ride.

Overall, the hammock takes no more than a few minutes to set up whenever you need it and is easy to take down just as quickly. In addition, this brand wants to ensure that your car is better protected against damage: the cover uses four layers of waterproof fabric to ensure that there are no leaks even in the event of an accident in the backseat.

It’s no surprise that over 21,000 Amazon shoppers have left five-star ratings for this “awesome” product. One reviewer even said “[it] changed my life” and a second called it “the perfect travel solution”.

Another happy dog ​​parent testified: “I finally bought this protector and it was glorious. This protector contained all the muddy paws, stray fur, accidental Icee spills and even water spills. ” They finished by adding, “It’s made of high quality material that even my pup’s clipped nails won’t tear.”

Go to Amazon to buy the Urpower dog car hammock while it’s discounted on Amazon.

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