These $25 Amazon Slides Are My Favorite Sandals


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I spend a lot of time on Amazon. Not only is it part of my day-to-day at work, but it’s something I generally enjoy doing; which means, yes, you’ll find me scrolling through the app in bed on a Saturday night. It is often from these nightly searches that I have come across some of my favorite finds, and recently I have found a pair of slides it’s easily the best $25 I’ve spent in a long time – if ever.

the Fame Recovery Cloud Cushion Slides caught my eye with their bubbly silhouette and all the pretty colors they feature, like burnt orange, mint green, hot pink, and purple blue. They have a 1.75 inch high rounded platform sole and two adjustable buckle straps (with buckles matching the color of the shoe, which I like). I originally bought these to wear outside but haven’t been able to take them off since I put them on – they are that comfortable.

Although I have quite a few slides and indoor shoes from Birkenstock, Crocs and Ugg, I have to say that these cushionaire slides quickly became my favourites. They are really supportive and squishy; every step I take feels like it relieves my ever sore lower back. I still have a lot of pain when standing too long doing chores around the house, but I haven’t had as much pain when wearing the slides while doing the dishes or putting clothes away.

The Cushionaire slides just launched last month, but they’re already racking up rave reviews from hundreds of buyers who love them as much as I do. A customer People with plantar fasciitis said they were a “godsend” and provided “instant relief” – they even bought four more pairs.

I’ll go with the flow – I love the slides so much I already have another pair in my basket to wear outside as originally planned. If you’re looking for a cute and fluffy sandal this summer, don’t hesitate to shop Cushionaire’s $25. Fame Recovery Cloud Slides – they are so worth it.


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