These Best-Selling Dog Nail Clippers Are Just $14 on Amazon


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Dogs’ nails need to be trimmed regularly, just like ours, and it can be tedious — and expensive — to take them to the groomer every few weeks to have it done. Instead, you can save time and money by doing it yourself at home. With the right tools for the job, you can give your pup the same treatment without leaving your home and for a fraction of the price. Amazon’s pet supplies section has tons of options including the Gonicc Pets Nail Clipper, which are currently the number one bestseller in the retailer’s Dog Claw Care section. They’re backed by over 27,000 five-star ratings and cost just $14.

Gonicc nail clippers feature an ergonomic design and easy-grip handles to ensure they are comfortable and safe to use. You will also find a nail file hidden in the handle which is perfect for smoothing out any rough edges left after cutting. The clippers even have a safety guard that helps you avoid cutting nails too short, which can cause rapid bleeding. If this happens, don’t worry, all you need is styptic powder to stop the bleeding in seconds.

Buy it! Gonicc Pets nail clippers, $13.95;

With so many five-star ratings and over 3,000 perfect reviews, it’s no surprise that these clippers are an Amazon bestseller. Buyers love that it makes nail trimming quick and efficient, and that it is easy to operate with one hand, which can be a one-person job. Another said he was “pleasantly surprised” and say“I was amazed at how ridiculous I was that I hadn’t done it sooner” after they were afraid to cut their dog’s claws on their own.

If you’re worried about cutting your dog’s claws yourself, daily paws recommends making it a positive experience by using treats and making sure they are in a quiet, familiar environment. Most dogs don’t like having their paws touched, and that’s normal, so try playing with their paws and rewarding them with treats while you do so to teach them that it’s not. serious. Another important tip is to allow them a break. Dogs get impatient when they’re uncomfortable, so try grabbing one paw at a time instead of all four at once – and don’t forget to reward them with plenty of treats once they’re done. they finished.

Not only can trimming your dog’s nails at home be more cost-effective, but also, if your pup tends to get particularly stressed going to the vet or groomer, trimming his nails at home might even make him more comfortable. Buy Gonic clippers on Amazon for just $14 to try them out for yourself.


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