These editor-loved tea towels are just $18 on Amazon


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Whether it’s dishes piled up in the sink, crumbs strewn across your countertops, or dirty pots and pans left on the stovetop, we all know that coming home to a dirty kitchen is never fun. . For me, it was always the reluctant choice to grab a grainy dried sponge, a scruffy kitchen towel, or a stack of single-use paper towels to tackle my kitchen messes – until I found these Swedish kitchen towels. game changers you can snag for just $18 right now.

To buy: Wholesale Swedish Cloths, $18 (originally $25) at

The brand sent me the sponges to test, and I’m obsessed. Sold in a pack of ten, these reusable dishcloths have become an unexpected staple in my kitchen cleaning routine. Each has a diamond texture that absorbs up to 20 times its weight in liquid and can be wrung out like a handy sponge. But, at the same time, they retain their durability like a cloth rag and can be used to clean virtually anything in the kitchen, from cleaning dirty dishes to cleaning stovetops to cleaning appliances.

My favorite thing about these Swedish tea towels is their versatility. Since they’re essentially a sponge and rag in one, they’re perfect for removing food bits and grease from my stovetop one minute and wiping smudges from my glass dining table the next. Plus, they’ve helped me drastically reduce my use of paper towels. They’re strong enough to use over and over again – one lasted up to three weeks before I took it off. Ironically, they’re also so thin that I accidentally threw in my first sponge before realizing they’re reusable. I learned later that you can throw them in the washer when they get too dirty or just wring them out when you’ve finished small tasks to let them dry.

With over 32,000 five-star reviews, it’s safe to say that shoppers on Amazon love these tea towels too. Reviewers call it an eco-friendly product that will also save you money in the long run. Plus, many agree that these sponges aren’t just limited to the kitchen and are great for cleaning other parts of the house like the bathroom, bedroom, and garage.

These handy cleaners come in eight colors, plus a matching pack, which is currently discounted to $1.80 each. Head over to Amazon now to buy your own set at a great price for simplified kitchen cleaning.


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