This $19 Amazon Belt Bag Will Be Your Favorite Handy Accessory


Here’s what the critics are saying:

“The fabric is very nice and I waited to write my review after using it for weeks. The fabric does not get dirty and I got so many compliments on it.”

“I wanted to buy one because a lot of my friends have the Lululemon version. I wanted to save money and find an off-brand brand and it’s so awesome! My sister got the Lululemon brand just before I ordered the one these and they are the exact same size and about the same material.Overall I’m very happy with this bag and can’t wait to bring it on a night out.

“Great belt bag to wear around the chest, shoulder or waist! The material is nice and easy to clean. Fits my phone, can kooziez, small travel perfume bottle, key ring and with lots of the place to spare.”

“I bought this bag not knowing if it would fit me or not, but it did fit me, although a bit snug. I think the bag is extremely cute in person, the color is very nice and even fits well. it’s tight it’s comfortable on me I couldn’t find reviews of other plus size women to see if it would fit before buying so hope this helps For reference I wears size 18/20 or 2x.

“It’s the perfect little gym bag. It’s a comfortable, lightweight bag that leaves your hands free if you’re carrying a mat, water bottle, or whatever. The seat belt strap is soft against the skin with an easy to use clip.There is a metal zipper pocket on the back with a long pull tab.The metal top zipper goes low enough on the side for you to open the bag wide and had a metal zipper pull.There is a split mesh pocket on one side and a large mesh pocket on the opposite.The color was pretty accurate when it arrived so I will be ordering more.”

“I’m SOO impressed with the quality of this bag! The shoulder straps are so comfortable and soft, and the material of the bag is exceptional. I love that it’s not a super stiff material and it’s easy to put on. to access your stuff Would be great for the airport or a hike The color is about the same as the one I ordered.

There’s a ton of room inside surprisingly. I love that when you open the main pocket, there are three pockets inside for small items like headphones, lip balm, keys, medicine, etc. It helps a lot to stay organized. There is also an outside zippered pocket for more stuff.

I’ve worn the lululemon belt bag and have to say it’s pretty similar. Even the quality is quite close. Almost identical apart from the lululemon being a tiny bit smaller and the zipper. The one from lululemon has a plastic zipper but the one from Amazon is metal. I prefer plastic but this one is okay.”


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