This $6 Maybelline mascara from Amazon makes lashes look longer and fuller


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You know those beauty filters on Instagram or Snapchat stories where they make your cheeks look too red and your lips look so sulky, you look like you’ve had injections? Somehow they always make eyelashes look perfect. They have a richer body, length and color that seem unobtainable. Given that it’s a filter that portrays unrealistic beauty standards, you’d think everything it does is impossible, but I think I’ve found a mascara that actually eclipses the fake look.

It’s Maybelline New York’s Lash Sensational Mascara, a $6 product that’s garnered over 61,000 perfect ratings on Amazon. Reviewers credit it for transforming the look of their lashes with a unique coil head with a curved design. The semi-circle shape allows the mascara to act as both an eyelash curler and a makeup product. It shapes and lengthens lashes in just a few strokes, while the washable black layer defines them.

“This mascara ticks ALL the boxes!” wrote a five-star reviewer. “The best on the market! Believe me! You’ll love it as much as I do! Can’t say enough, give it a try! Don’t get whipped extensions before you try this!”

Dozens of buyers have compared the effects of this mascara to those of eyelash extensions. It doesn’t matter if their natural lashes are thin, straight, unruly, or fragile, every reviewer seems to agree that this mascara is “magical.”

Courtesy of Maybelline.

“If you’re reading this, you’ve just stumbled across the BEST MASCARA in the universe!” exclaimed another reviewer. “I hardly ever write reviews but this mascara deserves it. It lasts all day! I’ve never had to touch it up! I’ve never found any annoying black flakes under my eyes since using it AND it’s a waterproof mascara that’s actually waterproof!”

There’s nothing better than a fan-favorite buy, especially when it’s only $6 a pop. Think of all the other more expensive mascaras you’ve tried only to be disappointed. This one and its 4.5-star average rating basically comes with a guarantee that it’s worth the minimum purchase.

The coil head clings to each individual lash to layer them with just enough product for the hairs to be highlighted and lifted, but not clumped. Each brush head has ten layers of bristles that fan out lashes in an incredibly dramatic and impressive way. Those who often experience eye irritation or tears when using mascara can take comfort in knowing that reviewers with similar experiences call this product an A-OK to use.

“I have SUPER sensitive eyes and I love mascara. I’ve tried so many mascaras over the years (drug store, premium brands at Sephora, natural brands) and all of them underperformed, started to really bother my eyes or often both,” wrote one reviewer. “This mascara has a surprisingly clean ingredient list on the EWG cosmetics database (plus even the $25 tube of mascara I’ve been using for over 5 years before it started bothering my eyes) For such a cheap mascara, it has really surprised me with how clean it is, how it feels on my eyes so far, and it looks amazing.

For best results, apply several coats of product for a noticeable change. This mascara is so effective that one swipe will make a difference, so if you prefer a more natural look, consider this your one-stop solution.


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