This acupressure pillow from Amazon is saving me from chronic pain


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As a former college football player, I’ve had my share of injuries over the years. I’m talking ankle sprains, broken noses – even seemingly minor scratches have left permanent scars. But it’s the dislocated shoulder during my senior season that continues to be a pain in the neck more than five years later. At the time, I was so ready to be done with football that I turned down surgery and physiotherapy so I could focus on college as a normal student. But oh, how I came to regret: this dislocation resulted in complications such as radiating neck and shoulder pain, pinched nerves, stiff neck and many sleepless nights.

Over the years I’ve turned to things like chiropractic adjustment and yoga in search of healing, but it wasn’t until I discovered acupuncture two years ago that I finally found relief from my shoulder pain. Although the treatment helped me, I didn’t have the funds to go for it as often as my pain required, so I decided to try this acupressure cushion from Amazon between sessions. And in short, this has been my saving grace and the only reason I can sleep peacefully again.

The DoSensePro cushion comes with a 29-inch-long mat and a semi-circular neck pillow, which together have hundreds of rubbery plastic “spikes” that target acupressure points. When you lie down on them, the points gently press the muscles to draw blood flow to tense areas and release knots and tension, and I have to admit when you first try it, it might feel slightly strenuous . But once the blood starts flowing to your muscles, they start to relax, and then that feeling of relief rushes in.

I always feel calm and relaxed after spending 15-30 minutes on the mat. I love using it before bed as it helps me relax after a busy day, especially whenever I get a knot. You can also use it intermittently throughout the day – sometimes if I’m teaching yoga or coming back from a hike in the Lanikai Pillbox in O’ahu, I like to stand on the pad for five 10 minutes to bring some relief to my taxed feet.

And since I purchased this awesome acupressure pillow two years ago, I’ve noticed results that go beyond instant shoulder and neck pain relief: consistent use has reduced the number of occurrences of stiff neck and pinched nerves in my back, while helping me find peaceful sleep again.

It looks like I’m not alone, as happy Amazon shoppers have flooded the Acupressure Cushion product page with five-star ratings and excellent reviews. A customer with migraines and arthritis said the mat was “amazing” for pain relief and sleep. “I sleep all night or only wake up once now (instead of waking up more than 5 times from pain),” they added. “I have less muscle cramps in my neck and back since using it.”

Another person wrote that, like me, the mat helps them relax. “I was surprised how relaxed I felt when I lay on it. I once fell asleep for about 20 minutes,” they said.

If you suffer from chronic pain or a tight back, or are simply looking for a way to relax and sleep better at night, try this home acupressure pillow.


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