This clever $19 reusable notebook has over 44,000 five-star Amazon reviews


Wondering what real Amazon shoppers think? See the following reviews.

“Exceptional! This is going to be a life changer. This product amazed me and exceeded my expectations. The Rocketbook app is so simple and easy to use. Scanning is perfect. It captures the colors, exposes the page with the correct lights, crops, and adjusts the page correctly Each scan takes less than a second, and you can combine multiple pages into one scan and download them as one document Frixion highlighters and pens erase easily with the included erasers on pens and effortless with a damp microfiber cloth.. Product is great and well worth the $35. »

“Being left-handed, it’s hard to find notebooks that work. Usually I have to put them in landscape mode to make them usable. This notebook solves that problem. The app makes it so easy to store notes/pictures on my computer. great work!”

“I can easily take (analog) notes and scan to my computer AND I don’t have to manage multiple notebooks! I buy these whenever I find a sale and save them to give as gifts!”

“I had no idea notebooks like this existed. I really love my Rocketbook and am considering getting another one! Right now I am using my notebook to write journal entries and I love being able to write and reuse the pages instead of having to carry multiple journals in my bag. It’s much more portable and lightweight. Would definitely gift this to a friend.

“The Rocket Notebook has changed the way I take notes and I wouldn’t want it any other way. The pages are very sturdy but flexible like normal paper. There are many quality of life improvements from using the Rocket Notebook. For example, you can create a transcript of your text, automatic title files, and access your notes from any device after scanning them. This product has boosted my organization skills since I can set different assignments class to automatically send to different Google Drive folders.

“It was the best purchase I’ve made. I used to have legal pads and memos scattered all over the place. With this, my desk is cleaner, more organized, and I can easily find what that I wrote. Definitely a good gift idea.”


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