This cooling body pillow with 4,500 five-star reviews is 37% off


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In summer, a pillow with cooling properties is almost indispensable – after all, who likes a warm pillow on their face all night? And this is especially necessary for body pillow users, because the larger the pillow, the more heat it retains.

The ultra-breathable cover allows continuous airflow, helping you feel cool and comfortable all night long, even in the heat of summer. And the use of shredded memory foam in this 4.5-foot-long body pillow means it naturally conforms to your body and sleeping position for maximum comfort. Even as you adjust and turn overnight, it will reshape to fit you comfortably.

Buy it! Snuggle-Pedic Complete Pillow, $55.99 with coupon (originally $89.99);

With Greenguard Gold certification and development by professional chiropractors, this pillow ensures comfort and quality. Plus, many buyers will appreciate that it’s made in the USA and created by a small company. And to keep everything easy, the pillow is fully machine washable.

Longtime users of body pillows will attest to the support they provide to any part of your body, whether you need a little extra padding on your back, legs, or hips. They are perfect for pregnant women, people with chronic pain or injuries that affect sleep, or anyone who likes to relax while they sleep.

Over 4,500 five-star reviewers love this plush and cooling body pillow, with one saying it’s “worth every penny, maybe even more.”

Another praised this “amazing” pillow, saying his fibromyalgia and autoimmune disease cause a lot of pain while he sleeps, but “lying, leaning or sleeping with this Snuggle-Pedic pillow is beautiful “.

And someone else told us a secret use: “Did you get dumped at the start of the pandemic and miss human company for 18 long months? If so, this is the pillow you you need it. It’s like having a human body in your bed, except it will never destroy you emotionally.”


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