This sleek smart scale is nearly $10 off at Amazon right now


the WYZE Smart Scale ($20.38) from Amazon.


We’ve never seen a scale we liked, and honestly it’s not just about their function but how they look – most of them are so ugly it’s not something we want keep on our bathroom floor. Enter this WYZE smart scalewhich lives up to its name thanks to its app compatibility and wide range of scans it can perform.

WYZE smart scale



The scale has a ton of functions, including body fat percentage, lean body mass, BMI, muscle weight, visceral fat, basal metabolic rate, bone mass, metabolic age, protein , body water percentage and it will even measure your heart rate. . Also add this suite of functions to scales for your pet and baby, because this is truly a full-service, full-range scale. Plus, it all integrates into your WYZE app or any fitness app you prefer (Apple Heath, Google Fit and Fitbit are all compatible) so you can keep your metrics logged and tracked day in and day out.

Plus, the scale remembers who you are: it automatically recognizes up to eight users and sorts and syncs data with the right user, and you can even share data and trends with family members or professionals. of health.

The battery lasts up to 18 months, so you’ll be able to use it for a while before the battery runs out. Right now you can score the scale on Amazon for $20.38, about $8.61 off list price – just be sure to buy it before the offer ends. (Black is also available but will cost a few dollars more).


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