This wearable blanket with over 9,400 5-star reviews comes in 20 colors.


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Catalonia Portable Fleece Blanket Reviews

One buyer said: “I’m tall and I’ve never had luck with warm, comfy blankets. She’s QUEEN. No one can use my cozy blanket except me. MINE. I love it, au in case you hadn’t guessed.”

Another Amazon customer said: “My wife always complains of being cold while watching TV or reading, but with this item she is no longer cold. The foot pockets seem to be the answer to her cold feet causing her to feel cold.. She loves this product and was very happy when I surprised her with it.”

“I now have 5 of these things and will probably be ordering more. They are great for watching TV or reading or just relaxing and reading a book. I love that you can have your arms free to do whatever you want and pockets because your feet are everywhere! They are so soft,” one shopper commented.

Another person said, “Super cute and comfy. Bought for my daughter and ended up stealing it. I love the foot pockets and the armholes. Perfect gift! Very soft and big. . Many places.”

One shopper said: “Love this blanket! I get extremely cold, especially my feet, so the foot holes are perfect! Loved it so much I ordered another one with the Sherpa liner and now even happier. Fleece is a soft but thinner material. . My new Sherpa is super soft, thick and warm.”

“Rarely have you found yourself getting more than you paid for. Excellent quality lived up to the pictures in the ad. Great product worth buying will definitely buy again,” someone wrote .

One Amazon shopper said, “This is the best blanket I have EVER used!!! My favorite part are the slits for your feet! It is the SOFTEST material, and EXTREMELY warm, yet lightweight! It’s great when you’re on it. the sofa and you turn around, and when you have a normal blanket your feet fall off, NOT with this!! He has super long oversized arms! And the front pocket is good for your cell phone. your neck so that it stays in place! I highly recommend it ! GREAT PRICE too! Great for everyone!”

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