TikTok launches in-app shopping to directly compete with Amazon


Social media video platform TikTok has now brought its e-commerce marketplace to American consumers.

TikTok Shop, already available to users in seven Southeast Asian countries and the UK, is now testing live in the US

The feature allows users to make in-app purchases directly. The company’s foray into online shopping is part of an internal initiative called “Project Aquaman”, according to the news site. Semafor.

“We have seen the positive impact of TikTok Shop, and we are excited to continue to experiment with this new business opportunity to support businesses of all sizes,” a TikTok spokesperson told Semafor.

The app is currently inviting select US companies to participate, according to Semafor. Sellers can also apply on a TikTok store seller center website.

“TikTok Shop is an innovative new shopping feature that allows merchants, brands, and creators to showcase and sell products directly on TikTok through embedded videos, LIVEs, and the Product Showcase Tab,” reads- on on the TikTok Shop Seller Center site.

For the first 90 days after a trader signs up, they only pay TikTok 1.8% commission. After that, the commission rate reverts to 5%.

Sandie Hawkins, former general manager of TikTok for North America, is responsible for the new feature. The internal swap was announced internally earlier this week, according to the Financial Times.

“She will be a valuable partner. . . as [ecommerce] becomes a core part of our customers’ needs and TikTok leverages a lot of the native behaviors we already see on the platform,” TikTok Director Blake Chandlee said during a meeting Monday announcing the move. according FT.


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