Trader Joe workers vote to unionize at second store


In an announcement referencing the end of the Minneapolis election, Dealer Joe spokeswoman Nakia Rohde said: “While we are concerned about how this inflexible new legal relationship will impress Dealer Joe’s lore, we are prepared to immediately enter into discussions with their collective bargaining consultant to barter a contract.”

Sarah Beth Ryther, a Dealer Joe employee in Minneapolis who was involved in the organizing drive, said her co-workers were driven in part by dissatisfaction with pay and benefits, issues that helped spark the union campaign in Massachusetts. Employees have complained that the company has made its perks less beneficial lately, although some perks have improved even further lately.

But Ms Ryther said she and her colleagues had also been implicated that the store, which is in a space where some residents struggle with substance abuse and mental health issues, appeared to have no protocols. or techniques in place to deal with certain emergencies. . She cited one person who entered the store last fall with what appeared to be a gunshot wound and collapsed in her arms.

The cops arrived soon after, Ms Ryther said, but the Joe’s dealership did little to handle the aftermath, which amounted to explaining to employees what had happened. Days before she was told she could be racking up employee benefits while taking a day off to deal with the trauma, she said.


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