Twitch won’t unban Jidion


Popular YouTube creator Jidion confirms Twitch won’t unban him as a Zoom meeting ends with an email response confirming the news.

Back in January Tic Streamer Jidion Adams staged hate raids against popular livestreamer Imane “Pokimane” Anys, which has since resulted in his suspension from the Amazon platform. After going through the suspension appeal process, Jidion confirmed that his Twitch ban would remain in place.

Jidion recently took to Twitter to discuss a Zoom meeting with a Twitch representative in which he learned he was “never going back” to the website. Although Jidion and Pokimane have buried the hatchet and collaborated on some projects together since apologizing over the hate raids, Twitch is standing by against the streamer’s invitation to return to the platform. Jidion has reached 5.33 million YouTube followers since being banned from Twitch in January, far exceeding his Twitch following of 305,000, but is still potentially missing some members of the original community.


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According to an email sent to Jidion by Twitch, the streamer will remain banned due to “extreme harassment” and violation of Community Guidelines. The email from Twitch also notes that Jidion could be suspended indefinitely if he attempts to “evade restrictions” on his account, which could prevent him from appearing on other Twitch channels in the near future. but suggests that he is not already permanently banned. The Amazon subsidiary has taken a tough stance against hate raids ever since Jidion suggested his audience speak out on Pokimane’s Twitch stream that ended the broadcast early, one of the most public hate raids on the live streaming service.

Twitch has rejected Jidion’s 6-month appeal, but it looks like the ban could go on forever based on the live streamer’s response to their Zoom meeting. Because there is no end to Jidion’s Twitch ban in sight, fans of the content creator can only view his videos via YouTube and can otherwise follow him via social media. Jidion continues to prank others via YouTube content, which may contribute to Twitch’s reluctance to bring him back to the platform given his controversial sense of humor that could quickly get him into more trouble.

Responding to Jidion’s announcement that he won’t be banned from Twitch anytime soon, many fans lamented his dismissal from the platform while others questioned Twitch’s wording or motivation. A handful of Jidion’s critics celebrated his continued ban from Twitch, while one pointed out that the aforementioned hate raid targeted Pokimane viewers as well as the popular live stream itself. Because some viewers already felt like Jidion was permanently banned from Twitch, some responses to Jidion’s community update expressed confusion during Jidion’s Zoom meeting with the Tic representative that takes place to begin with.

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