Twitter users can’t log into the platform, greeted by a dog | What happened?


Some people who can’t access Twitter saw an image of a dog on a chair and said there was “nothing to see”.

Like Twitter, Amazon has also used a pup page whenever its site is performing poorly to deal with disgruntled consumers.

Instead of error dialogs, Twitter users are greeted by a sitting dog

It seems that Twitter is not working for some of its users. They were forced to see a picture of a dog sitting in a chair instead and said there was “nothing to see here”.

According to Down Detector, the complaints of problems began Tuesday morning around 11:19 a.m. The website seems to be involved in around 79% of reported issues. During this time, the application was connected to 15% of the population.

The problem is a recurring one since user logins fail and come back often.

The website offered a link to visit that suggested there might be a solution to the problem. However, the same poodle appeared to be shown to users again once they returned to the website.

Twitter now shows a fairly common error page, and the dog appears to be a more recent addition. The “Failing Whale” was a different animal that appeared when the site encountered the many outages that marked its early years and enjoyed huge popularity.

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Other browsers, including Safari on iPhone, seemed to work, while other methods of accessing Twitter, such as Tweetdeck, seemed to work as expected.

No issues were listed on Twitter’s API status page, which tracks issues with the site’s underlying technology.

However, a number of issues have been revealed by outage monitoring website Down Detector. Although they did not represent a major outage, the particular issue seemed to affect a significant number of customers.

Amazon also shows customers a dog if the site malfunctions

When Amazon’s shopping site does not work properly, visitors may also see dogs on its error pages.

The problem seems to only affect Safari users trying to view the website on a PC.

This has been a great method for the company to deal with unhappy customers. He also promotes Amazon’s culture as fantastic, making the company seem like a wonderful place to work. There are links to job alternatives at the bottom of the pup page for a reason, after all.

Dogs have long been an integral part of Amazonian culture, according to Lara Hirschfield, manager of the company’s Dogs for Work program, who spoke to VetStreet. About 30% of the 2,000 dogs enrolled in the program show up on any given day. She added that there is a rotating attendance, so they are not constantly present.

Additionally, Amazon built a tower with a deck that included dog-friendly workstations, rest and play facilities, and other amenities to further encourage a canine lifestyle. The type of furniture that supports dogs has been carefully considered, Hirschfield said.

Although the actual duration of Amazon’s use of dogs for error pages is unknown, a 2006 blog post suggests it’s been well over a decade.

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