Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphones are up to 17% off at Amazon today


The Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone is for sale on Amazon.


As much as we all hate to admit it, smartphones are one of the most essential parts of our daily lives. They are more than just cell phones. They keep us connected. They contain all our photos and carry our memories. Heck, you might even be reading this on a smartphone right now. But if you need a new one or are looking to upgrade, Amazon has the deal for you.

Right now on Amazon, you can save up to 17% on select unlocked Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphones. With this offer you can choose from a 128 GB model in green for $666.53, or a 256 GB in phantom black for $749.99. Both deals will get you a new Samsung Galaxy S22 for at least $100 off, so you can’t really go wrong either way.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Smartphone, 256 GB, Ghost Black – $749.99 ($100.00 off, originally $849.99)

Samsung Galaxy S22 Smartphone, 128 GB, Green – $666.53 ($133.46 off, originally $799.99)

While Android smartphones are comparable to iPhones in most aspects of performance, they really stand out with the cameras. The Galaxy S22 has one of the best cameras on the market, capable of recording breathtaking 8K videos with autofocus and improved stabilization.

Once you’ve taken a video or photo, you’ll be able to watch it on the phone’s stunning, bright 50MP resolution screen with Vision Booster. You can also play as much as you want as this phone comes with Samsung’s long lasting battery capable of fast charging. Also, since these phones are unlocked, you should be able to add them to most major carriers you may already be using.

So if you’re on the hunt for a new Android smartphone, head over to Amazon today and get yourself an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S22 (either 128 GB Where 256 GB) while the sale is live.


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