WallySmarter.com launches software for Walmart sellers


Wallysmarter.com Makes Walmart Keyword Research Easy

Wallysmarter.com shows you products for sale on Walmart.com

Wallysmarter.com shows you products for sale on Walmart.com

Wallysmarter.com shows you products for sale on Walmart.com

Software Tools for Walmart Sellers

Walmart Seller Tools like Walmart Chrome Extension and Accurate Walmart Sales Estimator are finally here

We’ve created software for Walmart sellers that helps potential sellers on Walmart find profitable products to sell.

— Ralph Harris, Founder and CEO of Wallysmarter.com

CALIFORNIA, USA, May 29, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Ralph Harris, founder and CEO of Wallysmarter.com, identified that Walmart.com is growing faster than Amazon.com and remains more profitable for Walmart sellers.

“We created Software for Walmart Sellers which allows potential sellers on Walmart to find profitable products to sell. – Mr. Harris.

Walmart’s fulfillment services are growing exponentially, while Amazon.com is looking to sublet or close some of its fulfillment centers. Walmart’s newest fulfillment center, focused on supporting the company’s growing e-commerce business, will open in Shippensburg, Pa., this spring, the Bentonville, Ark.-based retailer said. March 8. The 1.8 million square foot facility, located at 2281 United Drive, will create up to 600 permanent full-time jobs, according to Walmart.

Harris says Walmart customers benefit from low prices on products, familiarity with products and stores, quick access to products and purchase history at Walmart. This translates to more and more consumers choosing Walmart.com over Amazon.com.

With the increased potential for third-party sellers to sell using Walmart’s fulfillment services, it’s more important than ever to have access to a Walmart Sales Estimator and Walmart Keyword Research. This enables the next generation of e-commerce entrepreneurs to dominate the Walmart marketplace. Mr. Harris says that to find a product that sells very well on Walmart – a product that is easy to compete with – requires a database of all Walmart.com products and their Walmart sales estimates. Only with a complete set of Walmart seller tools is a seller able to find profitable products to sell.

About WallySmarter.com:
WallySmarter.com was launched in May 2022 and aims to provide all Walmart sellers with transparency in the Walmart marketplace. It is the first comprehensive software suite for Walmart sellers, including a Walmart chrome extension, Walmart Sales Estimator, Walmart Product Database, Walmart Keyword Tool and even offers an API for Walmart sellers. WallySmarter has been in development for over 3 years. The multidisciplinary team has built an innovative set of tools that updates sales estimates for over 200 million Walmart products and search volumes for over 12 million Walmart keywords daily.

Visit www.wallysmarter.com for a free trial.

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Step by Step How to Use WallySmarter.com to Find Products to Sell on Walmart.com


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