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Finding a) rosy b) affordable and c) long-wearing foundation is like hitting the jackpot… but not when you have beautyTok at your fingertips.

From 3-step red carpet beauty routines to hair products for the perfect smooth pony, it’s safe to say that TikTok has upped our beauty game — and it’s about to get even better.

MUA @paintedbyspencer took to the platform to rave about the £7 Catrice True Skin Hydrating Foundation, saying it leaves behind a ‘beautiful glow on the skin’ that ‘hasn’t looks rugged, feels really light and is versatile in terms of coverage[age]He also points out that Catrice Foundation “doesn’t compromise your skin’s texture” and tbh, we love to hear that.

Catrice True Skin Foundation is infused with Hyaluronic Acid (a hydration hero) along with Watermelon Seed Oil for intensive hydration. It is nourishing, long-wearing and has medium to high buildable coverage, with a “real skin” matte finish.

So, is it worth the hype? Our own business content writer, Caitlin Casey, tested the viral foundation, giving us her in-depth review below.

First impressions:

Maybe not the most stunning packaging, but I’m pretty impressed with how much foundation you get. It looks a bit orange at first glance, but we’ll see what happens when we put it on. I opted for the Neutral Sand color.

First test:

I applied the foundation by patting it on my hand a bit and applying it with a wet beauty blender. My first thoughts are that a little goes a long way and it’s definitely good coverage, most of my face is covered and barely needs touching up with concealer. I will say it has a bit of an orange finish which I was expecting, but I have more of a peach undertone so I wasn’t ready for that.

With my other products – both cream and powder – the foundation blended well, didn’t crease or blot, which really impressed me. Usually I have to set my eyes with powder, but I found I didn’t have to with this foundation. It gives off a slightly cakey finish and I can definitely say I have that base. It’s extremely rosy which is great for me and it can be removed with a bit of light powder. Awesome so far.

True Skin Foundation Trial

Result after a full day of wear:

After wearing it during the day, as well as going out at night for dinner and drinks, the foundation shifted a bit and felt a little greasy as the night went on. I had to pat my face with tissues from time to time, but I have oily patches from my combination skin so that’s to be expected. The blanket held up well and would probably last even longer if I set it down with powder.

Final Verdict:

I am surprised at the quality of this foundation and would 100% use it again. Although it has minor downsides – it’s a little pasty, orange, and feels heavy – it would be a great base to have in your collection if you’re on a budget. You can definitely adjust the amount you put in and it would feel a bit lighter if used sparingly.

A great medium to full coverage foundation for anyone looking for a cheaper dupe!

Shop Catrice True Skin Foundation below.

Catrice True Skin Foundation

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