We tried the cheapest instant counterfeit on Amazon. Here’s how it went


At $39.99, the Winado 13-in-1 Pressure Cooker is incredibly inexpensive. Sure, the $20 shipping cost makes it a lot cheaper, but it’s still a steal compared to an Instant Pot.

Upon unboxing, the first impression is quite good. The Winado seems really solid and well made. In home appliances, weight usually implies quality, and this unit is nice and sturdy. It had a loose water collection attachment with poor installation instructions, but we figured it out.

The first hint of quirkiness is the touchscreen. It’s bumpy, like the way plastic gets when you place it too close to the stove. The second hint of weirdness is the functions themselves. There’s rice, beef, soup, poultry, keep warm/cancel, a “reduce juice with lid open” button (which is oddly specific, but whatever) and a preset timer. Pretty self-explanatory. But there are also some buttons that might be confusing for American cooks, like “porridge” (for oatmeal) and “beans/tendons”, which are obviously only for harder-to-cook ingredients like beans. dry and very tough cuts of meat. There’s also the much weirder “taste selection” button, which has three options: delicate, standard and strong. Depending on the version you buy, you can also get cook, simmer, fish and bone functions, as well as a range of buttons for reheating and adjusting pressure.


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