We try Amazon Japan’s lowest rated portable washing machine


Our latest foray into the world of poorly rated products makes us want to throw in the towel.

Our Japanese-speaking journalist Masanuki Sunakoma has a unusual hobby. Usually when people hear “unusual hobby” they imagine something like scratching or collecting rocks with faces on them, but Masanuki’s hobby is even more unusual than that. You see, Masanuki likes to browse Amazon for the best and lowest rated products.; so much so that Amazon’s algorithms have caught on and are recommending real stinkers to him.

But while the things he’s bought in the past have sometimes been worthless junk, this time he was determined to try something a little more practical, something he could actually use. . So when Amazon Japan recommended him a portable washing machine (or to give it its full name, the “7 liter foldable washing machine advanced version with drying function simple small washing machine washing machine mini washing machine for home use socks, underwear, towels, masks, baby clothes, suitable for people living alone for dorm or office use automatically shuts off after 15 minutes saves time and water »), he knew he just had to buy it. Despite such rave reviews as “It’s not good at all”and “I didn’t have high expectations about it, but it was even worse than I could have imagined”Masanuki dutifully branched off on the 6,899 yen (US$51) and waited for it to arrive.

The washing machine was of the foldable, portable type usually reserved for washing small items like underwear or baby clothes. The listing on Amazon claimed that the machine uses “ultrasound to remove dirt from clothes“, which looked pretty cool, but with a worrying 1.6 star ratingMasanuki knew not to set his hopes too high.

If you’ve managed to navigate your way through the swampy quagmire that is the product name, you might have noticed the “dorm or office use” part, but Masanuki couldn’t imagine anyone dragging this machine in the office, or anywhere really – it was too big, and there were just too many things to put together. The set included the washing machine main unit, power adapter, drain filter, drain hose, washboard cover and instruction manual.

Putting it all together seemed pretty simple though – just lift the bucket and press down on the bottom.


The next step was to install the drain filter. One of the comments left on the Amazon listing said it was quite difficult to do…

…but Masanuki assembled it right away!

Do! Masanuki was ready to test his creation.

The instruction manual strongly recommended not washing anything “big or heavy”, so Masanuki grabbed a sweaty T-shirt after his morning run. After installing his washing machine on his balcony, he threw his T-shirt there…

… added some laundry detergent…

…and fill the machine with water. Masanuki was ready to take this thing for a ride (literally!)

Masanuki turned on the machine and set the timer for a five-minute cycle, and immediately encountered the deafening roar of the engine. But despite the force with which the engine seemed to work…

his T-shirt was barely moving!

The instructions had clearly said not to wash anything “too big or too heavy”, but Masanuki hadn’t expected that description to apply to a shabby T-shirt. Other reviewers had said the machine couldn’t even handle a pair of shorts, so Masanuki decided to set his standards lower.

While a lone t-shirt proved too powerful an enemy for the washing machine, it seemed pretty good at handling two small masks. He had yet to see the “ultrasonically removed” dirt as originally promised in the listing, and the masks were just spin and spin in a bucket of dirty water. yuck. It was time to fetch fresh, clean water.

Even though there was a drain hose that came with the set, Masanuki wasn’t quite sure how to use it while the machine was still on, so decided to drain the water directly onto his balcony.

Once the masks were thoroughly rinsed with clear water, it was time to dry them.

The drain filter was placed inside and the “one minute dry cycle” button was pressed.

The familiar roar of the engine sped up once again, but this time its sound levels had increased dramatically!

The deafening roar of the engine that echoed across the balcony was matched only by the speed of the spinning drain filter. It was spinning faster than Masanuki had even dared to imagine! How fast ! What drying power!

Sure, up until now the washing machine had seemed pretty useless, and it might have seemed easier and quieter to wash by hand, but surely that was where all the manufacturing energy had gone. been invested. This was where the machine really shone. His masks would be drier than the dessert of the Sahara by the time the minute was up.

The drain filter slowed to a stop, and Masanuki reached out, eager to grab his freshly cleaned, bone-dry mask. Maybe he could even wear one now!

But the masks he’d spent an entire minute watching twirl fiercely…

… were still absolutely soaked.

Even though it’s been burned many times in the past by Amazon Japan’s poorly rated products, Masanuki couldn’t help but feel a bit stung about this one. Considering its price, he expected it to run at least slightly. But no, he basically just spent fifty bucks on a collapsible bucket, and he was totally okay with the 1.6 star rating. Personally, he would be inclined to rate it even lower.

And yet, Masanuki’s hobby of buying poorly rated products on Amazon Japan continues. Will he ever find something to match the glory of the lowest rated sexy pillow? Only time (and many Amazon deliveries) will tell.

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