When is Amazon Prime Day 2022 and what to expect


Amazon Prime Day is soon, with a ton of deals going on for you to grab. When does it start and what can you expect from Big Jeff this year?

Placed directly in the middle of the year to recoup everything you’ve saved up since January, Amazon Prime Day is one of the best times of the year to grab those things you never really thought you would. Everything from power outlets, routers, and even computer hardware are seeing those prices drop.

What is the first day?

Not happy enough with the Christmas sales, Black Friday (which now lasts a month) and the various other sales they sprinkle throughout the year, Amazon has created Prime Day.

Spread over 48 hours, nearly every seller and business on the planet is dropping prices to coincide with arguably one of the biggest Western sales of the year.

Why did we specify western? No one can beat the amount of money spent on Alibaba and AliExpress on their big selling day.

When is Prime Day 2022?

This year, Amazon Prime Day is scheduled for July 12 and 13, with deals not yet on the site. We’re still about a month away, after all. However, by getting nerdy with data from previous Prime Days, we can get a small idea of ​​what you should expect to buy until the big event.

You will also need a Main subscription to access one of the offers, which will also net you Twitch Prime rewards (with free games and a free membership) and Prime Video, so you can endlessly scroll through another streaming service.

To sign up, you can head here for a free month, which should get you through Prime Day:

UK: https://amzn.to/3zOOaRO
WE: https://amzn.to/3N5wS62

What Prime Day deals will be featured?

So far, deals for Amazon Prime Day haven’t even started showing up on the site. We expect to see the first Prime Day deals appear a few days before the event. From now on, it will just show you various “creation alerts” for the products you have recently viewed.

However, looking at the gaming hardware side, you can bet that everything from storage to larger items like desks and monitors will all see prices drop.

If you’re looking for an Echo Dot or other Alexa products, now will also be the best time to grab them, as Amazon Prime Day has historically discounted them at record low prices.

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We’ll bring you the best deals from Amazon, so you don’t have to go hunting yourself. Amazon rarely, if ever, organizes things logically and will group together products that just don’t make sense. Sometimes portable hard drives will be bundled with motherboards, or Logitech tends to bundle all of their various office gear with their excellent gaming mice.

This will also be a great time to keep an eye out for Amazon’s warehouse deals, as these have recently seen an influx of gaming hardware come through their doors. If you don’t mind returning items that could potentially have a few quirks, this is great for bargain hunters, especially on Prime Day.


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