When your eBay order arrives in an Amazon van


EBay sellers still use Amazon as their direct shipper, according to a buyer who described what they called one of their worst buying experiences.

In a thread on eBay discussion forums Yesterday, the buyer said he found it strange that an Amazon driver would deliver their eBay order in Amazon packaging. But when the item they bought on eBay was faulty, they went to find information about the product.

Describing his revelation while researching the product on Amazon, the buyer wrote, “Suddenly I understood … that’s why the shipment was from Amazon. The seller simply bought the item from Amazon, doubled the price, and I had it sent to me. I thought it was really dishonest and unethical. I then did some research and quickly found out that it goes against eBay policies, but unfortunately is not that rare in certain circumstances. “

When the buyer complained, the seller asked for proof of the defect. The buyer then made a return request through eBay, which was accepted immediately – “and of course the return label the seller sent sent the return to an Amazon returns center,” the customer wrote.

The buyer left the seller a negative review after receiving a refund, but got angry when eBay deleted their review within an hour. Another poster on the thread explained in part, “Because you got your money back, you couldn’t leave any negative feedback that would remain. The item is no longer paid for, and if you mention a dispute in any way , that would also qualify the comment for deletion. “

Whether the seller has violated eBay policy or not, if buyers find out that they have overpaid for an item, it upsets them, especially if they feel like they’ve been duped.

And while some sellers may blame the buyer for not making a comparison, the point is, buyers who feel cheated may think twice before buying on the platform again.

Another eBay user asked in the thread if there was a gift receipt in the package. “This would indicate that the seller violated eBay and Amazon policies and had the CD shipped through their Prime account.”

But they also noted that there was a growing number of sellers who sell on both eBay and Amazon and use Amazon for order fulfillment.

The eBay buyer confirmed that there was an Amazon gift receipt in the package, indicating that the seller may have used their Amazon Prime account in order to obtain free shipping.

There have been a number of instances where law enforcement has targeted marketplace vendors for committing fraud. Amazon may decide to report sellers who fraudulently use their Prime accounts to ship commercial orders to buyers. Although it’s a mystery why Amazon apparently hasn’t found a way to stop such shipping abuse.


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