Where you’ve seen the terminal list cast before


As James’s personal support system and motivation, James’ wife Lauren plays a major role in his story and is played perfectly by Riley Keough. While Keough isn’t exactly a big name in the mainstream film scene, she’s a total icon in the independent film space with plenty of performances showing her as a true rising talent. The list of indie films Keough rocks her in continues to grow each year as she stars in A24 films like “Zola,” “Under the Silver Lake,” and “American Honey.” Beyond that, she has also appeared in some notable indie horror films like “The Lodge” and “The House that Jack Built”.

However, Keough’s most prominent role was in Steven Soderbergh’s 2017 “Logan Lucky” as Mellie Logan. Even among top acting talent like Daniel Craig and Adam Driver, Keough stands out for Mellie’s sleek looks and comedic charm that give her a strong screen presence. Keough’s most recent notable film role was in Netflix’s “The Devil All the Time” as Sandy, one half of a serial killer couple. Plus, for those looking for a fun Keough fact, she’s actually Elvis Presley’s granddaughter and shared some emotional thoughts on the recent biopic “Elvis.”

Keough is undeniably one of the most versatile performers out there and she’s fast becoming a talent everyone should have their eyes on.


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