Which designers went home in episodes 3 and 4?


Fashion can be unforgiving. Just like the two creators who were already sent home in Season 3 of Prime Video’s Make the cut. And with each elimination, the competition for the top prize — $1 million plus mentorship with Amazon Fashion — gets even fiercer. In the show’s third and fourth episodes, the remaining eight designers faced new challenges and tenser rounds of judgment in their quest to become the next global fashion brand.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Making the Cut Season 3 episodes 3 and 4.]

“Making the Cut” Season 3 Episode 3 Winner and Elimination

Gabriella’s high fashion look in season 3 of “Making the Cut” | James Clark/First Video

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In the third episode of make the cut For Season 3, the designers were challenged to create two winter looks. And they only had one day to put everything in place. The pressure was on and while some designers rose to the occasion, not everyone was able to put together a stunning collection.

Jeanette, who barely survived the elimination in Episode 2, came back strong. Her daring choice of fabric and skillful draping paid off with a dramatic haute couture dress (complete with a headpiece made of spray-painted zip ties) and a classic yet modern coat. Judge Jeremy Scott could barely find enough adjectives to describe how much he loved his effort, calling it “magnificent, inspiring, breathtaking, [and] elegant.” She walked away as the winner of the challenge.

The judges were less impressed with Curtis and Gabriella’s appearance. She combined her signature denim fabric with puffer jackets for her accessible and runway looks. Curtis opted for a “winter fantasy” concept focused on capes and sleeves. Neither effort hit the mark.

Heidi Klum was “disappointed” with Curtis’ pieces, and Scott said he was “so disappointed” with the designer’s “boring” look. Meanwhile, Gabriella’s appearance lacked imagination and sparkle, the judges said. She had also failed to make a strong impression in previous challenges.

“I think that’s all she’s going to give us,” Nicole Ritchie said. “It’s always the middle of the road for me.”

In the end, Gabriella didn’t make the cut.

The creators take on a unique challenge in Episode 4

Sienna Li working on her sewing machine in Season 3 of
Sienna Talks ‘Making the Cut’ Season 3 | James Clark/First Video

With just seven designers remaining, hosts Klum and Tim Gunn dropped a bombshell on the contestants in Episode 4. For their next assignment, they should all work together to create a cohesive collection of seven looks. And to make things even more difficult, they would only have seven hours to do it.

Yannick – who feared the judges would not understand his unique vision – took on the challenge. He came up with a funeral theme, which other creators loved. They decided to create pieces for the funeral of an Italian mob boss, with each designer creating a look for a different character.

While the remaining contestants were all excited about the theme, the short time they had to complete the challenge led to some frayed tempers. Things got particularly tense when Sienna broke her sewing machine and rushed to use Yannick’s, a decision that went against the group’s self-imposed rules and left the other designer in turmoil. .

Episode 4 ends with a surprising twist

[L-R]    Georgia, Jeanette, Curis and Sienna seated in a row in season 3 of
Georgia, Jeanette, Curis and Sienna in season 3 of “Making the Cut” | James Clark/First Video

The funeral theme was a big hit with the judges. And they were also impressed with almost every designer look. Rafael – who drew for the mob boss’ murderer – received praise for a striped dress inspired by a prison uniform. And Yannick – who usually only works with white fabrics – knocked it out of the park in a deconstructed black trench coat dress and a veil for the mistress of the deceased.

The judges – including guest judge Wisdom Kaye – loved Yannick’s look and the fact that he came up with the overall concept for the challenge. He was named the winner. But they struggled to choose a designer to eliminate. While Sienna’s ruffled dress for a not-so-distressed widow received more lukewarm reviews, she won them over when she explained the concept behind her design. In the end, the judges decided not to send anyone home. This was a relief for the remaining designers. But that ups the ante for the next episode as they might face a double elimination.

Which creators are going home next week? Find out when two new episodes of make the cut drop Friday, September 2 on Prime Video.

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