Who needs Black Friday smart home deals when those Amazon switches are so cheap?


Amazon’s new line of smart switches provide more affordable smart lighting for those who use Alexa devices.

The switches are part of the Amazon Basics line that aims to provide consumers with inexpensive but reliable products. These Amazon smart switches come in four varieties: a single-pole switch ($ 17.99) and a single-pole dimmer ($ 19.99) to control a lighting circuit from a panel, or a three-way switch ( $ 18.99) and a three-way dimmer ($ 20.99)) to control a circuit from two panels.

Rather than shell out for lots of expensive smart bulbs, you can replace the light switch panel with one of Amazon’s newer devices to achieve most of the same effects, letting you control the bulbs with an app or voice commands. If you’ve got your eye on this year’s Black Friday Alexa deals, then these new smart switches might be the perfect choice to give your new assistant a little more utility on the cheap.

Unfortunately, if you’re a fan of Google Assistant or the Apple Homepod, you’re out of luck. The store page explains that these switches work exclusively with Amazon Alexa devices, going against Amazon’s recent statement that it would commit to the Matter smart home open platform as part of its “philosophy of flexibility, privacy, collaboration and interoperability”.

Currently, Amazon Basics smart switches are only available in the United States, in line with the company’s first release strategy in the United States. We reached out to Amazon to find out when the latest smart devices will be heading to other regions like the UK.

Analysis: The best connected home buy on Black Friday?

Smart bulbs and smart switches are among the earliest examples of smart home technology and have become a staple among those looking to modernize their homes.

However, smart bulbs can cost twice as much as regular bulbs (if not more) even with Black Friday deals, and replacing your entire home in one go can be a costly task. Meanwhile, these smart switches offer most of the same features, but at a much lower cost.

If you’re not interested in color-changing lighting – like for use in a home office or kitchen – then we recommend smart switches. However, if you want a setup that offers several different light color options, you will need to go for built-in smart bulbs.

Even if you’re not part of the Amazon ecosystem (or aren’t a U.S. resident), you can find smart switches that work with other brands of smart home assistants. However, we recommend that you review customer reviews on the device before purchasing it if it is not a brand you recognize.


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