Why does Taran Killam look so familiar?


Amazon has added a new program to its football lineup, hiring actor and comedian Taran Killam to host the NFL’s first official comedy show. Killam is a renowned actor, comedian and producer with a career spanning decades. If you’re wondering why it looks so familiar, read on to find out.

‘The NFL Pile On’ is a strategic move for Amazon Prime Video

A week before Amazon launches its Thursday night footballthe tech giant has decided to expand its NFL programming by ordering the league’s first comedy show, The NFL stacks up. The series will air weekly and offer a comedic dive into select moments from the previous week’s games.

Hosted by Taran Killam, the show will be produced with NFL Films and will air every Wednesday. Killam will not be the only star of the series since actress Sarah Tiana will join him. The pair will also host special guests each week.

The NFL stacks up will showcase the unexpected and fun moments across the NFL, from micro players during warm-ups to post-game press conference one-liners. According to The Hollywood Reporter (per Amazon), all is fair on The NFL stacks upfrom studio shows to faux pas and social media.

Carnival Cruise Lines has signed a major advertising deal with Amazon as the show’s exclusive advertiser and presenting sponsor. The show is a strategic move on Amazon’s part, designed to boost viewing for Thursday Night football.

Amazon has always shared the rights to Thursday night football with TV holders in other seasons. This season marks the first time the tech giant has had exclusive rights and has even hired former NBC NFL announcer Al Michaels who will team up with analyst Kirk Herbstreit to lead the coverage.

An overview of Taran Killam’s career, including his new job at Amazon

Taran Killam at the ‘I Love That For You’ Red Carpet Premiere | JC Olivera/Getty Images

Taran Killam said of the opportunity: “I’m so excited and grateful to help launch a show about two things I love: football and comedy.” He added: “The fact that we’re backed by the NFL and Prime Video means we can provide exclusive, full-access content to Prime members and NFL fans.”

Killam is an avid Los Angeles Rams fan and usually wears the team’s jersey to home games. Prior to his role in The NFL stacks upKillam appeared in Naked Gun 33+1/3: The Ultimate Insult in 1994. He next appeared in Amanda Bynes’ sketch comedy vehicle The Amanda Show.

From 2001 to 2002, Killam was part of the cast of MADtv for the seventh season of the sketch show. He also appeared on Wild ‘n Out for its third and fourth seasons. He then appeared in several television shows, including Boston audience, stuck in the suburbs, judging Amy, and Restart.

In 2010, he joined the cast of Saturday Night Live, who became famous for his on-the-spot impressions of several celebrities, including Brad Pitt and Donald Trump. In 2016, he and his teammate Jay Pharaoh left SNL. While he claimed at the time that his departure was due to contract renewal issues, he clarified years later that he left because SNL has become an “exhausting environment”.

What is Taran Killam’s net worth?

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Taran Killam’s work extends to outside television. He also performed on Broadway in hamilton in 2017 as King George III. According to IMDb, Killam has 82 acting credits. He also made a few cameos in his Wife, Cobie Smulders’ hit series how I Met Your Mother.

The couple met in 2005 when Smulders filmed a pilot with Paul Campbell. After several years of dating, Killam popped the big question in January 2009, and the couple married four years later on September 8, 2012. Smulders and Killam share two daughters.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Killam is worth $10 million.

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