Why Freevee Needs to Dub Original Content Beyond the “Bosch” Franchise


Freevee, Amazon’s FAST (ad-supported free streaming TV) platform, has visibly received more attention from its parent company lately. It was rebranded from IMDb TV to the sleeker-sounding Freevee in April and has begun to expand into international markets – first in the UK in 2021 and in Germany this month.

Amazon isn’t alone in focusing on ad-supported streaming. FAST has grown and turned the world of streaming upside down. As this model of monetizing viewers’ attention spreads, it seems like everything old is new again. After all, broadcast TV was the original free ad-supported platform. Now even Netflix and Disney+ are talking about adding ads to their subscription models by the end of the year. The FAST platforms, which have built their core strategy around an entirely ad-supported model, suddenly seem prescient.

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Perhaps one of the best indicators of Amazon’s increased focus on its FAST platform was its announcement of plans to increase the number of Freevee Originals by 70%. In general, with a focus on value, FAST platforms have not been major players in original content. At a price of $0, it’s much easier to convince subscribers to sign up without premium original content. Amazon’s commitment to expanding its list of Originals could be a signal that competition for viewers in the FAST space is about to heat up.

10 most requested shows on Freevee, USA, July 2022 (Parrot Analytics)

The most requested show available to stream on Freevee in July was the wildly popular NBC sketch show “Saturday Night Live,” according to data from Parrot Analytics, which takes into account consumer research, streaming, downloads, and social media, among others. commitment.

It is often at the top of the most requested shows on other platforms like Hulu and Peacock. A full catalog of nearly 50 seasons of content means there’s plenty of content to stream across multiple platforms. For a platform like Freevee, having a piece of the “SNL” pie is a valuable asset. Even though only a handful of seasons are available on the platform, the iconic status of its cast and content makes its bite-sized sketches endlessly rewatchable.

Series with multiple seasons to go are clearly a key part of the strategy for a free streamer like Freevee. Nine of the 10 most requested shows on Freevee have more than five seasons (excluding “Mr. Bean”). This makes perfect sense given the niche a FAST platform is trying to fill in the streaming landscape. These streamers don’t need the latest content to convince subscribers to pay a monthly fee, but they do need it to stay on the platform watching the content to generate ad revenue. A reality show such as “Hell’s Kitchen” (20 seasons) or classic network drama “The X-Files” (11 seasons) are prime candidates for FAST viewers to binge on commercials.

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The Freevee Originals are conspicuously absent from the top 10 shows. While the platform has promised to expand its original offerings, none of its current shows are among the top 10 most requested shows on its platform. The most requested Freevee original for the month was “Bosch: Legacy”, which had 9.6 times the average demand for the series. This show feels like a strategic synergy game with Prime Video. It’s a spinoff of the Prime Video original, “Bosch,” so it should draw existing fans of the original Prime Video show to its sister platform FAST.

Movies might not seem like a natural fit for an ad-based streamer over linear shows with built-in commercial breaks. However, these films can still attract viewers while the FAST model offers a new way to monetize this content.

10 most requested movies on Freevee, USA, July 2022 (Parrot Analytics)

10 most requested movies on Freevee, USA, July 2022 (Parrot Analytics)

On Freevee, the most requested movie available for streaming in July was “Deadpool”, while “Deadpool 2” was a close second in third place. Likewise, “The Matrix” and “The Matrix Reloaded” made the top 10 on Freevee.

While older movies make up the bulk of the best movies on Freevee, we could possibly see an original Freevee movie make the cut. Roku’s upcoming original movie, “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story,” has garnered a lot of interest, so Freevee might have some catching up to do in the race for the FAST original movie.

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