Why Rings Of Power’s Time Compression Would Be Worse Than Peter Jackson’s


The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of PowerCompressing the timeline may not work as seamlessly as the same trick in Peter Jackson’s movie trilogy. from Amazon power rings is largely inspired by fairy tales The Silmarillion, which many have long considered impossible to adapt to live-action. The major events of the book unfold over millennia, with the Second Age alone exceeding 3,000 years. As showrunners JD Payne and Patrick McKay have since explained, power rings condenses Tolkien’s Second Age into a single time period. That’s why Isildur is already alive before Sauron’s return to Middle-earth, even though the Númenórean hero should have been born over 1500 years after the Dark Lord’s return.


power rings is not the first live compression of JRR Tolkien’s timeline. At Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Frodo Baggins inherits Bilbo’s One Ring and almost immediately sets off on his quest (or so it seems). In Tolkien’s original book, Frodo receives the ring on Bilbo’s birthday, but keeps it safe in the Shire for another 17 years before Gandalf finally realizes it’s probably best for the hobbit to start flee. Jackson presses those years Frodo spent hiding the Ring into almost negligible time.

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This is an example of a the Lord of the Rings successful film change. Every significant event in those 17 years (capture of Gollum, realization of Gandalf, etc.) can happen much faster, so Jackson The Fellowship of the Ring does not lose material by shortening the timeline. Whether Frodo leaves the Shire after 17 days or 17 years doesn’t significantly impact Tolkien’s narrative or characters, and the faster pace works better on the big screen. Inevitably, truncating half of the Second Age is not so simple. power rings seems to match everything from Sauron’s return to the last alliance of elves and men to Isildur’s adulthood, which amounts to a maximum of 200 years. Unlike Frodo’s relatively uneventful calm of 17 years before the storm at Bag End, many great deeds occur during this period – the creation of the Rings, the war against Sauron, the founding of many major sites, the rise of the fall of Numenor. Even though power rings somehow box reducing such a vast story to a single point would make Tolkien’s mythology considerably smaller.

How the Rings of Power Could Fit Tolkien’s Second Age

Was a shorter time really the only way The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power could adapt JRR Tolkien’s “unfilmable” The Silmarillionor could the history of the Second Age have been presented in a more authentic way while conforming to a television format?

A possible solution might have been to condense individual sections of Tolkien’s Second Age, rather than the whole, using long time jumps to move from one major event to the next. Granted, it’s unrealistic to honor Tolkien’s timeline by having Annatar’s manipulation of elves last 100 years in-universe, or for another one century to pass between Sauron forging the One Ring and the outbreak of war. It wouldn’t work at all. But if power rings season 3 ends with Sauron losing the war between Sauron and the elves, for example, season 4 could start 1500 years later with Sauron resurfacing and being captured by the Númenóreans, according to The Silmarillion. With these centuries-old jumps sprinkled throughout the series at strategic points, power rings would feel more faithful to the source material and timeline of an appropriate length than Tolkien’s, but the fast-paced TV narrative continues to move steadily forward.

Because Isildur and Elendil are present from power rings season 1, that can’t happen. Thousand-year time jumps are not conducive to the health of human characters. According to Payne and McKay (via vanity lounge), this decision was made to avoid waiting for season 4 to introduce power rings, but it remains to be seen if their early entry was worth sacrificing the integrity of the timeline. One thing is for sure – the stakes are higher than when Peter Jackson decided to kick Frodo out of the Shire earlier.

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