You cannot return these products to Amazon


(NEXSTAR) — If you’ve ever thought, “Oh no! These Live Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches I ordered on Amazon are not what I wanted to buy”, it is good to know the return policies before clicking Buy Now.

So how do you know if you can return an item to Amazon? The company explains that you’ll know if an item is returnable if you see a message saying so when you select Return or Replace Item in the Your Orders section. You will not see a message if it is not returnable.

But for products you purchased directly from Amazon, here are some prohibitions listed on Amazon’s Return Policy page:

  • Gift cards
  • Pharmacy items, including prescriptions
  • fresh flowers
  • pet food
  • Races
  • Certain electronic devices (you will need to refer to the specific item page)
  • Wine
  • Products without UPC code
  • Hazardous Material
  • Live plants
  • live insects

It’s worth noting that Amazon may offer refunds for some of them, and damaged or defective items can often be replaced, Amazon says. Items sold by third party sellers will not be accepted by Amazon. Instead, the company says you’ll need to contact the seller for their return policy.

And if you’re wondering if you read the last item on the list correctly, yes, Amazon sells live insects, including caterpillars, butterflies, cockroaches, ladybugs, worms, and ants.

let’s say your article is RETURNABLE – Ever wondered what happens to your Amazon returns? Along with being inspected for resale through Amazon, many products end up finding homes with people who have no idea what they might be getting.

It turns out that a slew of mystery items are regularly up for grabs from Amazon through the Pallet Returned Items auction. The thrill of the reveal has even inspired a subgenre of unboxing YouTube content.


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