Youngsters must ‘play the long game’ to succeed


Lasting success does not happen overnight. Young people must “play the long game” if they want to achieve this, according to a successful CEO.

Matt Weiss, who runs recycled dried snacks company RIND, says young people often feel enormous pressure to succeed early in their careers. Reading annual “30 Under 30” lists or stories about self-made millionaires in their 20s can give young people the false impression that they should have short-term deadlines to succeed.

But Weiss says that’s the wrong way to go: Instead of trying to emulate those quick and flashy success stories, young people should be working toward longer-term career goals.

This will help you build resilience and accumulate a wide range of knowledge, skills and experience – often over many years – in pursuit of those long-term goals. It’s the best way to set yourself up for lasting success, according to Weiss.

“At the end of the day, there are simply no shortcuts in building a successful career or business in the long run. It can’t be forced,” Weiss told CNBC Make It. “It takes time and forces young people to think longer term if they want to achieve that kind of success.”

Weiss built on the success of his own company, which now offers products on Amazon and on the shelves of more than 6,000 retail stores nationwide. The company will soon expand to another 4,000 locations, including Whole Foods, CVS, Target and Costco branches.

He notes that it took years of planning and hard work to launch RIND in 2018 and the success that followed. It wasn’t just a quick pass he had imagined in a few months or even a single year.

Weiss outlines the longest road he had to take: from his countless hours of research into the health food industry and the amount of networking he had to do to get the business off the ground, to his first employment in the food industry. eating ice cream at a very young age. All of this played a part in his success with RIND.

“These experiences, knowledge and lessons I’ve learned so far are what allowed us to achieve the success we saw after launch and are still seeing now,” says Weiss. “It was an accumulation of those things, kind of like my pre-production work.”

It was his version of “playing the long game,” and he says it’s something anyone can emulate. Weiss outlined two simple things you can do to get started.

1. Seek advice from influential people

Seek advice from all the older, influential people in your life and ask them what it took to achieve their own versions of success, Weiss says.

There could be any number of people in your family or social circle who fit the bill, from a relative who has achieved their dream of becoming a doctor to a colleague who has stepped into a high-level leadership role in your company, or even a friend who started a profitable online business.

More often than not, Weiss bets, they’ll say it took years of planning and hard work. Keep their stories in mind when thinking about your own career. Weiss says it might help you imagine and set longer-term goals.

“You’ll find that there’s often a longer arc involved in making these people successful in your life,” he says.

2. Eliminate distractions


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