ZenBusiness democratizes starting new businesses for people who want to change their lives and the world


Ross Buhrdorf, CEO of ZenBusiness, paves the way for a new wave of entrepreneurs. ZenBusiness is on a mission to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs, small business owners, gig economy workers, and freelancers to take charge of their lives and futures by letting go of the corporate world and working for themselves.

His company empowers these intrepid people to start, run and grow a successful business. The number of people who want to opt out of the traditional corporate rat race is staggering. Pre-pandemic ZenBusiness had about 30,000 customers – and the number recently exploded to 250,000.

Buhrdorf, a longtime technology executive, saw older workers being fired from the company he worked at early in his career. This caused an epiphany – if they fired the experienced talent, what would happen to it ten or more years later? He decided that since it’s risky to go the traditional corporate route, he might as well chart his own course and be the master of his own destiny. Buhrdorf then restarted his career as a successful entrepreneur.

Buhrdor is not alone. Americans are a relentless, nonconformist, hardy, and determined group of people. While we like to complain and argue with each other, Americans have this innate sense of self-determination and courage. We refuse to give up in the face of disaster. Against all odds, we persevere and bravely move forward in pursuit of our dreams and goals.

Part of the “American Dream” is to start a business and create your own future. During the early days of the virus outbreak, there were a record number of new business start-ups. This “boot boomwas noted by John Haltiwanger, an economist at the University of Maryland.

He pointed out that in the first two months of the virus outbreak, there was a noticeable increase in new commercial apps. Working on a project with the government provided him with official data detailing new trade formations. He was surprised to see the upward trend of new business applications. Haltiwanger said at the time, “The third quarter of 2020 was the highest apps quarter we’ve ever seen.”

Inc.Magazine, a publisher that covers emerging small businesses, echoed Haltiwanger’s findings and wrote, “In the past three months, more new businesses have been launched in the United States than in any quarter. Of the history.” The report showed, “Between June and September, nearly 1.4 million startups have been founded.”

When a person loses their job, they have difficult choices to make. You can start looking for a new role in your field, turn to another type of opportunity, or reinvent yourself. After several months without any luck, you then have to find another plan. This could involve becoming an entrepreneur. Change brings chaos and opportunity. As the way we work and live our lives has changed, many people have decided to take their destiny into their own hands and start a new business.

It’s not just about opening a restaurant, bar or nail salon. ZenBusiness offers its services to gig workers and a wide range of independent solopreneurs. The company provides a one-stop-shop to get everything you need to start and maintain a business. This includes setting up an LLC to protect your assets, business filing services, compliance, taxes, website building, and like-minded networking. It makes starting, building and running a successful business simple and affordable.

According to a recent ZenBusiness survey, the main reason their clients decided to go into entrepreneurship was to change their lives, which involves being their own boss, exploring new passions and rethinking priorities due to the pandemic of Covid-19 realizing they had to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

ZenBusiness is also a public benefit corporation. This means that social impact is built into their mission and business model. He is committed to ensuring that small businesses – a historically underserved and overlooked group – succeed, whether “through hands-on business building assistance, publishing and sharing helpful resources through ZenBusiness Academy, or participating in small business loan and grant programs.” To help support its customers and ensure a bright future for them during the pandemic, ZenBusiness created a COVID-19 grant program and distributed $1,000 grants to a selection of small businesses.

ZenBusiness Data Highlights

About 81% of micro-business owners believe that those who have a community of fellow business owners to contact are more likely to be successful than those who don’t.. About 42% of companies created in 2021 on the ZenBusinesss were held by women, an increase of 8.4% compared to 2021.

There is a wide range of startups. The top ZenCompanies of their clients include software consultants, real estate investment, apparel, arts, photo/video, truck driving, and Amazon seller.

California, Texas, Florida and New York lead as top states for new businesses have started on the platform. Interestingly, the age of entrepreneurs is leaning toward millennials. The highest age group is 25-34, which now accounts for 31% of businesses started in the United States. The strongest growth was among 18-24 year olds, with a 21% increase, and the second strongest growth was among 35-44 year olds with a 9% increase.

We are also seeing the rise of entrepreneurship in new and different ways. Over the past couple of years, we’ve noticed a groundswell of people trading stocks of memes, Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. People engaged in these YOLO (you only live once) activities take risks, just like business owners, to get their fair share of the American Dream and live the life they desire.


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